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2019 China Auto Parts Electronics and Electrical Industry Annual Conference successfully held in Yinchuan

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Update time : 2019-10-01 12:04:26
2019 China Auto Parts Electronics and Electrical Industry Annual Conference successfully held in Yinchuan

On September 23, the plenary session of the annual meeting of China's auto parts electronics industry officially opened. Hao Yucheng, secretary-general of the China Robot Industry Alliance, gave a report on "New Models and Characteristics of Intelligent Manufacturing Development" at the meeting, pointing out how to form a new intelligent manufacturing model when science and technology meet traditional manufacturing. Zhang Yonggang, Assistant Dean of the Automotive Research Institute of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. and Director of the Intelligent Department, made a report on “Intelligent Networked Automotive Electronics and Electrical Products R&D and Innovation”, and analyzed the development mode of automotive products, especially parts and components. And the research and development path. Jin Jun, a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers China Automotive Consulting, made a report on “Integration and Development Trends of the Global and China Auto Parts Industry”, analyzing the investment, production, procurement, sales and after-sales services in the automotive production process from a global perspective. The main links such as R&D show a trend of global configuration. Chen Jun, Director of Electronic and Electrical Department of Yundu New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. made a report on “2020 Automotive Electronics Development Trend and R&D Main Direction” to study how electronic technology can better improve energy saving, safety, comfort and convenient operation. .

Following the development trend of artificial intelligence and 5G Internet of Things, the theme of this year's conference was identified as “Innovation Drives Smart +”. Brought together the leaders of government competent units in the field of intelligent manufacturing and automotive, manufacturing executives, experts and scholars in universities and research institutes, domestic and foreign OEMs, wiring harnesses, connectors, wires and cables, materials, equipment, R&D testing, software development. Nearly 400 representatives from well-known enterprises in management services and auto parts and electronic appliances participated in the annual meeting, including themed forums, technical exchanges, and special seminars, focusing on hot issues in the industry, sharing technological innovations, and jointly discussing smart manufacturing and new energy. Hot topics related to industrial development such as automotive technology innovation. It aims to promote the development of new energy vehicle wiring harness technology, research and development, testing, processing and related product technologies.

In the afternoon, there are mainly two sub-meeting venues. The theme of the sub-meeting venue is “Automobile Electronics and Electrical Wire and Cable Technology Exchange Discussion”. As the executive editor of the “New Energy Vehicle Harness Technical Report”, Dong Xiaoling, senior engineer of the Research Institute of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. The enlightenment in the process of compilation, introduced the compilation process, participants, research and review, affirmed the professionalism and technical guidance of the report. Wang Hongyu, Senior Manager of Intelligent Networking Department of Chery Jetway Research Institute, introduced the intelligent cockpit to bring intelligent and safe interactive experience in the report "Automobile Intelligent Cockpit Technology Development and Application". Lin Shiyang, manager of Xiamen Haipu Ruizhi Software Co., Ltd., explained the relationship between digitization and automation in the "Digitalization-Oriented Automation" report. Digitalization is the basis of automation. Director of Hefei Jingsong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Huaijian gave a report on “Automation of Logistics Automation for Auto Parts Manufacturing”, which provided auto parts enterprises with new ideas for improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Zhou Wenqiang, general manager of Shenyang Baoli Ming Barcode Information System Co., Ltd. made a report on “Harness MES System and Wire Harness Semi-finished Products Logistics”, which proposed a management method for both mass production and flexible production for auto parts enterprises.

The theme of Session 2 is “Intellectual Manufacturing Future Landscape and China Status Symposium” Professor Shen Bin, Director of Mechanical Engineering Department of Sino-German College of Tongji University/School of Manufacturing Information Fund of Sino-German College, Professor Shen Bin made “Intelligent Manufacturing Development and "Implementation Path" report, Wei Sha, Director of China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, made "Intelligent Manufacturing Work Progress: Policy, Standardization and System Solution", Wang Tao, Deputy Chief Engineer of SINOMACH Research Institute, made "the core of smart factory" The report of the mechanism and implementation path, sharing group consulting director Nai Xiaowen as "the casting industry intelligent manufacturing landing practice sharing." Explain the present and future of smart manufacturing from different perspectives such as smart manufacturing industry development path, intelligent manufacturing industry standard system, smart factory practice, and intelligent manufacturing electrical application, and talk about the future development of smart manufacturing at the subsequent round table. People bring sparks of thought collision.

On September 24th, the delegates visited the intelligent manufacturing parks and enterprises such as the bearing town of Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Longchuan Silicon of Yinchuan, and had a comprehensive understanding of the industrial status of “Smart+” in Yinchuan City. The industry's level of intelligence has a deeper understanding, and exchanges and discussions on relevant issues, and highly recognized the digital, intelligent, and networked level of equipment manufacturing such as auto parts, and the future of intelligent manufacturing industrial parks and smart industry innovation. The service platform, the future city of robots, and the smart industry fund expressed expectations.
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