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3D Printed DIY Dremel CNC Mills Aluminium

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Update time : 2019-12-25 10:27:00

The emergence of 3D printing in various fields is not new. 3D printing has changed a lot in various industries. Traditional molding basically cuts out the entire piece of material or presses it through a mold. And 3D printing breaks the tradition and manufactures by adding materials, creating a new production mode.

Traditional molding method

3D printing can not only print a lot of materials as raw materials, but also fast molding, relatively low cost, and can print things of various shapes.

3D coordinates

2D printing has two directions: horizontal and vertical. It can be imagined that the plane is placed in the X-Y axis. Then 3D printing has three moving directions, which is the X-Y-Z axis.

3D printing is to slowly accumulate materials in these three directions and finally shape. Of course, some printers use polar or cylindrical coordinates.

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