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A number of national academicians gathered in Foshan to discuss the use of artificial intelligence to empower manufacturing

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Update time : 2019-10-23 09:33:07
A number of national academicians gathered in Foshan to discuss the use of artificial intelligence to empower manufacturing

On October 22nd, 2019 China (Foshan) International Cooperation and Development Center for Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing opened in Foshan. Last year, Foshan held the first international conference on artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, and achieved fruitful results. This year is the first year of 5G commercialization, and the development of artificial intelligence has ushered in many changes and opportunities. At the conference, many academicians and experts from home and abroad gathered in Foshan to discuss and focus on the application and development of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing industries.

Artificial intelligence manufacturing

At the meeting, 11 projects were signed on-site. Among them, Foshan High-tech Zone Management Committee and China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd. Foshan Branch signed a 5G+ strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will work together to promote the construction of 5G network in the fifth district of Foshan High-tech Zone, and realize the “all-optical network” into the park. . The government of Sanping Leping Town also signed an agreement with Guangdong Bangpu Cycle Technology Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, Bangpu Technology plans to invest a total of about 3.3 billion yuan, and plans to build a high-nickel cathode material production base for power batteries for new energy vehicles in the 10,000-acre core park area of ​​Sanshui Park in Fogao District.

Strengthening talent pool for smart manufacturing development

On the afternoon of October 21, the academician of the Korean Academy of Engineering, Li Qiyong, the academician of Belarus, the first vice president of the Belarusian State Polytechnic University, and the senior executives of the National University of Technology, Mr. Tsungov, and more than 60 people divided the two roads to investigate the Foshan High-tech Zone and Bozhi. Lin Robot Headquarters, Midea Corporate Headquarters, Guangdong Industrial Design City, Weishang Smart Home, Foshan Science and Technology College and Foshan China Invention Achievement Transformation Research Institute.
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