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Analysis of machining route of milling inner cavity

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Update time : 2019-08-20 09:50:07
In order to ensure the surface roughness requirements after the contour surface of the components is machined, the final contour should be arranged to be continuously processed in the last CNC machining.

Under the conditions of ensuring machining accuracy and surface roughness, the machining route should be shortened as much as possible, the idle stroke should be reduced, and the productivity should be improved.

As shown in the figure below, the route shown on the left side is the machining route of the inner cavity in the line cutting mode. This processing route is short, and the entire margin in the inner cavity can be cut off, leaving no dead angle and no damage to the contour. However, the surface cutting process is not continuous, and there are too many joints, leaving residual height at the start and end points of the two processes, and the required surface roughness is not achieved.

The route shown in the middle figure below is a ring-cut method, which can meet the continuous cutting of the machined surface, and can obtain a small surface roughness value, but the processing route is long and the productivity is low.

If the route shown in the right figure is used, most of the remaining amount is first cut by the line cutting method, and finally a knife is cut along the circumferential ring, and the contour surface of the light knife can obtain a better effect. The route shown on the right side takes into consideration the advantages of the route shown on the left and the middle, which is a better solution.

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