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Analysis of machining route of milling surface

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Update time : 2019-07-10 16:59:23
When milling curved surfaces, the commonly used ball end milling cutters are processed by the ring cutting method. Two machining routes are available for curved surfaces with open boundaries. As shown below,

A feed path for milling the shape and surface of the engine blade. When using the route shown on the left side, each time along the straight line processing, the tool position calculation is simple, the program is less, the machining process conforms to the formation of the ruled surface, and the straightness of the bus bar can be accurately ensured. When using the route shown on the right side, it is consistent with the case of the data of such parts, which is convenient for post-processing inspection. The accuracy of the blade shape is high, but there are many procedures. Since the boundary of the curved part is open and there are no other surface constraints, the surface boundary can be extended and the ball end mill should be machined from outside the boundary.
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