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How does a machining center produce deformable parts?

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Update time : 2020-01-02 16:05:45
For light weight, poor rigidity, and weak strength parts, they are subject to heat and deformation during processing, and the high scrap rate leads to a significant increase in costs. For such parts, we must first understand the causes of deformation.

1.Deformation under stress

Such parts have thin walls. Under the effect of clamping force, the thickness and thickness of the parts are likely to be different during the machining and cutting process, but the elasticity is poor, and the part shape is difficult to recover by itself.

2.Deformation due to heat

The texture of the workpiece is light and thin. Due to the radial force during the cutting process, the workpiece will be deformed by heating, which will cause the workpiece to be inaccurate in size.

3.Vibration deformation

Under the action of radial cutting force, parts are prone to vibration and deformation, affecting the dimensional accuracy, shape, position accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece.

Processing method for easily deformable parts

Easy-to-deform parts, such as thin-walled parts, can use high-speed machining with small feeds and large cutting speeds to reduce the cutting force on the workpiece during processing, while allowing most of the cutting heat to fly away from the chips Take away, thereby reducing the temperature of the workpiece and reducing the thermal deformation of the workpiece.
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