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In order to ensure the surface roughness requirements after the contour surface of the components is machined, the final contour should be arranged to be continuously processed in the last processing.
There are many factors that eat ought exist addressed ago this question can exist properly answered. Is the apparatus a erect or horizontal machine? How any axes will exist required?
Face milling machine, which mainly uses a milling cutter to machine various surfaces on precision parts.
With the rapid development of technology, CNC machining centers have been developed from CNC milling machines.
What is the main job of the CNC machining center?

The direct meaning is that computer digital control is a processing technology widely used in the manufacturing industry, and it can be said that it is the symbol of the current manufacturing industry.
The CNC machining methods of thread are: thread milling, tap processing and picking processing.
Milling high-hardness materials usually uses CBN solid tools, CBN cutters or ceramic tools to machine hardened workpieces, often referred to as hard cutting.
CNC computer processing can also be called CNC milling. CNC milling is one of the most common processing methods in CNC machining.
Machining hardened workpieces has always been a problem, but many visionary factories have found a solution.
Due to the complexity and precision of CNC machining, a small mistake can lead to complete scrapping of the workpiece, and even damage to the expensive spindle, causing serious damage to the life of the device.
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