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Determination of milling processing route

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Update time : 2019-07-12 23:32:05

Machining route is the movement track of the cutter in the whole machining process, which not only includes the content of the process, but also includes the sequence of the process. Processing route is one of the basis for programming. Points to note when determining the processing route:


(1) find the shortest feed route.


(2) the final outline is completed at one time without stopping.


(3) select reasonable cutting direction.


(4) select the processing route that makes the workpiece deformation small after processing.


Analysis of machining route of milling external contour


For continuous milling contour, especially when processing the workpiece containing arc, pay attention to arrange the cutting tool cut, try to avoid repeated processing at the junction, otherwise there will be obvious indentation.


When milling in circular arc interpolation way outside the circle, to make the cutting tool from the tangent direction, when processing a complete circle, don't directly carry a knife or where the tangent point return to the other direction, but let the tool movement distance, best along with the original feed in the opposite direction of the tangent direction, retired from a distance, to cancel the tool radius compensation, in order to avoid cutting tool and the workpiece surface collided, causing workpiece scrapped.


If to cut into the cutting tool along the workpiece surface method, the tool must be in the entry point to, feed movement have a short stay, because of the influence of the machine tool and tool rigidity, inevitably at the entry point on the surface of the workpiece processing left obvious scar, so from the tangent to the arc line cut, cut out the opposite direction from the arc tangent line, it won't produce dents in the junction.

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