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Division of CNC precision machining operations

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Update time : 2019-08-19 10:52:39

Generally speaking, the process route refers to the entire processing route that the entire part needs to pass from the blank to the finished product. The formulation of the process route is an important part of the precision machining process. The main task is to determine the number of processes and the content of the process, and select the parts. The processing method of the surface determines the processing order of each surface and the like.

The main difference between CNC machining and ordinary machine tool routing design is that the former is not the whole process from blank to finished product, but only a detailed description of the process of several CNC machining processes. In cnc precision machining, CNC machining processes are generally interspersed with precision components. The entire process of processing, and therefore need to be connected with other processing technology, this is the place to pay attention to in the process design.

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