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High precision air bearing CNC lathe and grinder

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Update time : 2019-09-09 09:08:32

Machine tools have always been hailed as "industrial masters" and are machines for making machines. Their importance is unquestionable. The machine tool is the core production base of the entire equipment manufacturing industry, especially the top-grade machine tools such as ultra-high-precision machine tools and five-axis linkage high-end CNC machine tools. Its technical level directly reflects the overall competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry.

No matter which field the manufacturing industry can be separated from high-precision machine tools, it can be as large as the key components of defense weapons, aerospace and aircraft carriers, as small as watch gears and all kinds of precision instruments. In recent years, the rise of smart manufacturing in the world, the aviation industry, independent aircraft carriers, high-tech industries have developed rapidly, and every leap in manufacturing has been inseparable from the improvement of machine tool manufacturing precision. In today's industrial production, new standards such as flexible manufacturing, high efficiency, and precision are constantly being pushed to new heights, all of which place higher demands on ultra-high-precision machine tools.

Major applications of machine tools

There are many types of machine tools. In a broad sense, machine tools include general CNC machine tools, high-precision machine tools, and ultra-high-precision machine tools. These types of machine tools, whether in terms of technical content, manufacturing difficulty, or their own price, are sequentially incremented. In terms of specific products, there are various types of cars, milling, grinding, drilling machines and machining centers.

Of course, the most ultra-high-precision machine tools that best reflect the state of the art are the only ones. An ultra-high-precision machine tool with a machining accuracy of 0.01-0.001 μm, that is, it can reach or approach the nano-scale, so small that it cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Compared with the precision of ordinary CNC machine tools, ultra-high-precision machine tools are 1000 times higher, and they are an order of magnitude higher than precision machining. For this reason, all countries in the world are sparing no effort to develop and manufacture ultra-high-precision machine tools, and people are trying to promote the development of manufacturing through ultra-high-precision machine tools.


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