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How to solve the problem of mass production in the CNC machining center

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Update time : 2019-07-09 00:30:10

During the process of using the CNC machining center, some problems that jeopardize the production process and production efficiency will be found. The reason for these problems may be due to the wear and tear of equipment parts, or it may be due to poor operating habits and insufficient scientific production and processing procedures. So what problems must be paid attention to during the actual operation?

Problem 1: The size of the workpiece is not accurate enough, and the appearance is poor.

The reason: the sharpness of the CNC tool is not sharp enough; the small machining center is unstable, and the production process is co-seismic; the processing technology does not meet the ideal requirements.

Treatment method: the tool is polished or a new tool is selected for tool setting; the small machining center is co-seismic or unstable during the production process, and needs to change the horizontal position to be stable and fixed; the small machining center should pay attention to the maintenance, after the work is shut down The iron filings should be cleaned and the lubricating oil should be added on time to reduce the friction; the coolant suitable for the production and processing of the workpiece should be selected, and the higher spindle speed should be used as much as possible in the case of meeting the production and processing needs of other processes.

Problem 2: Workpiece deviations that occur during mass production

The small machining center has the advantages of high precision and high efficiency. With the participation of the robot, it can carry out the production and processing requirements of various processes through one clamping. For this purpose, mass production of complex workpieces is the advantage of a small machining center. The deviation phenomenon greatly jeopardizes the compliance rate of the production workpiece.

The reason for the occurrence: the horizontal placement of the small machining center is not adjusted well, the height is uneven, and the placement is unbalanced; the material of the workpiece is relatively hard, the cutter is deeper, and the knife problem occurs;

Treatment: Use the level to re-change the level of the small machining center, lay a stable foundation, stabilize the machine to enhance its toughness; select a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to prevent the tool from stressing the knife; change the tailstock on time.

Small machining centers should focus on the two issues when processing orders in bulk, and if they occur, they should be checked on time to ensure efficient production of orders.
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