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How to Use a Bridgeport Series 1 Vertical CNC Mill

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These instructions involve detailed steps approximately how ought apply a Bridgeport progression 1 erect 2 axis cnc mill with TRAK a.G.E 2 axis control. though this place of instructions pertains ought a especial classify of mill, a fate of the steps that are described here can be applied ought other Bridgeport progression 1 Milling machines. This plant is primarily used ought machinery parts out of different types of aluminum and steel, besides can though healthful be used above materials such though lumber and difficult plastic.

1. Stock substance Set-up

1) lay the stock substance above climax of the basis plate.
  • Place the basis substance above the mill. Then, lay the stock substance above climax of the basis dish consequently that the total bottom surface is at face with the basis plate.
  • This is ought compose sure that the end-mill doesn’t become at face with the plant table.

2) Orient the substance appropriately.
  • Place the substance and the basis dish shut the center of the desk at the X and Y directions.

3) Clamp the substance ought the plant table.
  • Use the tools and materials listed at "Things You'll Need."

2. Program Set-up

1) cargo the program onto the mill.
  • With your laptop, apply your CAD ought cause the G-Code though your part.
  • Save this rank though a quantity and cargo the G-Code though the program onto a floppy disk.
  • Insert this floppy disk into the floppy disk slot at the rear of the mill.

2) Access the program.
  • If your G-Code is accurate, you shouldn’t own problems viewing the part.
  • On the headmaster menu, click ‘PROG IN/OUT’
  • Then, enter the quantity of the rank that you saved onto your floppy disk.

3) opinion the divide above conceal ought compose sure it is accurate.
  • Select ‘PROG’ from the family menu.
  • Then pick ‘VIEW’. You to look the divide at 2-D above your screen.

3. machinery Set-up

1) discover out the RPM and feed-rate of the spindle, and adapt these values above the mill.
  • Here is a good RPM and feed-rate calculator.
  • These values will depend above the substance that you are using. when you acquire these values, adapt the meters above the climax piece of the plant accordingly.

2) Insert End-Mill into Collet and Screw onto Spindle
  • Press the End-Mill into the Collet.
  • Screw the End-Mill onto the bottom of the Spindle until hand-tight.
  • Take the ¾” wrench and tighten the climax of the spindle until it is snug.

4. Machining the Part

1) carry out a fast safety check.
  • Take a fast appearance almost the desk ought look if anything is above it that shouldn’t be there.
  • Make sure your clamps are no at the manner of the end-mill.
  • Check ought look that your Z-axis is above the part, and no touching it.

2) become the machinery on. become the plant above by Turning the dial above the climax left hand side of the mill.

3) place your X axis and Y axis zero point
  • From the headmaster menu, strike ‘DRO’.
  • This takes you ought the place display, which tells you where you are at relative ought the zero point.
  • Using the X and Y place wheels, impress the goal plant ought the center of your stock material.
  • Hit ‘X’ and then ‘ABS SET’.
  • Press ‘Y’ and again ‘ABS SET’. This tells the plant that your zero point at where your goal plant is when pressing those buttons.

4) depart the Program.
  • From the headmaster menu, strike ‘RUN’. Then strike ‘START’, and pick incident 1.
  • Press the ‘GO’ button and the desk will impress consequently that the goal plant is at the accurate position.

5) Lower goal plant (using Z- axis) ought the substance face point, and place this though your Z axis zero point
  • Lower the Z-axis slowly using the manage above the side of the mill.
  • At the fast that the goal plant contacts the material, apply the hand that is no above the Z-axis ought strike ‘Z’ and then ‘ABS SET’ ought place this though the point where Z = 0.

6) Lower the end-mill until the Z-axis reads .05” or less
  • Slowly lower the Z-axis until the End-mill is .05” (or less) deep into the material.
  • At this point, Lock the place of the Z-Axis using the lever beneath the Z-axis handle.
  • If the end-mill is also deep into the material, it could acquire stuck and perhaps snap. .05” is a safe depth.

7) carry out final checks - need yourself some questions
  • Am I using the accurate size end-mill?
  • Is the goal plant .05” deep into the material?

8) depart cutting.
  • Press the ‘GO’ button.
  • At this instant, the plant will depart traveling along the street specified at the G-Code, cutting up total the aluminum at its way.

9) apply compressed stand and cutting fluid cottage the equipment is moving.
  • Otherwise, chunks of aluminum can acquire stuck at the teeth of the goal mill.
  • If that happens, the goal plant will no abbreviate effectively and can acquire stuck.

10) when the incident is finished, originate Z-axis.
  • After the desk has stopped moving, free the locking lever located beneath the Z-axis manage and originate the Z-axis.

11) Repeat, starting at step 3, until you come the suitable depth.
  • Repeat the steps until you come the depth you are trying ought acquire to. This method that you pick the same event, and lower the Z-axis no more than .05” deeper than the preceding pass. after the plant completes that pass, originate the Z-axis and repeat.

12) cite divide 4, steps 3-11 besides with the next event.
  • Do this until divide is complete.
  • Choose a different event, and allow the plant abbreviate it out using the procedure mentioned above.
  • When total the events own been completed, you to own your divide abbreviate out exactly how you designed it.

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