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Industrial robots will break through intelligent modules

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Update time : 2019-11-21 11:08:09
Industrial robots will break through intelligent modules

The robot industry enjoys a high reputation in the world and is known as the “Pearl of the Top of the Manufacturing Crown”. The development of the robot industry has become a national strategy for the world to seize the commanding heights of the future economy and technology. Industrial robots have been widely used in various fields of production. As an important equipment and means in advanced manufacturing, industrial robots will break through the intelligent manufacturing module and become an important indicator to measure the manufacturing level and technology level of a country.

In the future, industrial robots will further develop in terms of precision, speed, efficiency, human-computer interaction and intelligence. The mechanical structure is developing in a modular and reconfigurable direction. Such as: the joint module achieves three-in-one integration; the role of sensors is also increasingly important.

It is understood that the core components of industrial robots include high-precision reducers, high-performance AC servo motors and drives, and high-performance controllers. These core components play a key role in the overall industrial robot performance metrics. At present, multinational companies have obvious advantages in all aspects of the robot industry chain such as core components, complete machines and system integration. For example, in the field of reducers, harmonic reducers used in industrial joint robots are basically monopolized by a Hamerna company in Japan. Another more important RV reducer is also basically monopolized by a company in Nabtesco, Japan. These two Japanese companies currently account for 75% of the global industrial robot reducer market. In recent years, China's domestic RV reducer has made initial progress in independent research and development, but it is still in small batch production.

Industrial robots break through intelligent manufacturing modules, which will be another major advancement in industrial manufacturing.
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