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Issues to be aware of when selecting the type of blank

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Update time : 2019-12-27 21:06:43
Issues to be aware of when selecting the type of blank

(1) Parts materials and their mechanical properties

The material of the part roughly determines the kind of blank. For example, parts made of cast iron and bronze should be choosed as casting blanks; steel parts are not complicated in shape and mechanical properties are not required. Profiles should be choosed; important steel parts should be choosed forgings to ensure their mechanical properties.

(2) Structural shapes and dimensions of parts

Complex shapes of blanks are generally manufactured by casting. Sand casting is not suitable for thin-walled parts; advanced casting methods can be considered for small and medium-sized parts; sand casting can be used for large parts. For general-purpose stepped shafts, round bars can be used if the diameters of the steps are not much different; if the diameters of the steps are greatly different, in order to reduce the material consumption and the labor of machining, it is appropriate to choose forgings. Large-size parts generally choose free forging; small and medium-sized parts can choose die forgings; some small parts can be made into overall blanks.

(3) Production type

For mass-produced parts, a blank manufacturing method with high accuracy and productivity should be choosed. For example, the castings should be machined or precision-casted with metal molds; the forgings should be die-forged and precision forged; the profiles should be cold-rolled or cold-drawn; Choose a blank manufacturing method with lower accuracy and productivity.

(4) Existing production conditions

To determine the type and manufacturing method of the blank, specific production conditions must be considered, such as the level of blank manufacturing technology, equipment conditions, and the possibility of external cooperation.

(5) Fully consider the use of new processes, new technologies and new materials

With the development of machinery manufacturing technology, the application of new processes, new technologies and new materials in rough manufacturing has also developed rapidly. Such as precision casting, precision forging, cold extrusion, powder metallurgy, and engineering plastics are increasingly used in machinery. The use of these methods greatly reduces the amount of machining, and sometimes it can even reach the processing requirements without machining. If you want to learn UG programming, you can add QQ group 304214709 to receive UG learning materials and courses. The economic benefits are very significant. We should give full consideration to the selection of blanks, and use them as far as possible.
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