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Mission: Industrial 4.0 into Reality

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Update time : 2019-08-01 02:45:15

Industry 4.0 (Industry 4.0, based on the different stages of industrial development.

According to the current consensus, Industry 1.0 is the steam engine era, Industry 2.0 is the electrification era, Industry 3.0 is the information age, and Industry 4.0 is the informationization.

The era of technology to promote industrial change, that is, the era of intelligence. This concept first appeared in Germany, officially launched at the Hannover Industrial Fair in 2013. Its core purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of German industry and occupy it in a new round of industrial revolution. First opportunity. Then the German government listed one of the ten future projects proposed in the German 2020 High Technology Strategy. The project is jointly funded by the German Federal Education Bureau and the Ministry of Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The investment is expected to reach 200 million. Euro. It aims to improve the intelligence level of manufacturing, establish a smart factory with adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering, and integrate customers and business partners in business processes and value processes. The technical basis is network entity system and Internet of Things.

Germany's so-called industry 4.0 refers to the use of the Internet-based Information System (Cyber-Physical System) Referred to as CPS), the supply, manufacturing and sales information in production is digitized and intelligent, and finally, fast, effective and personalized product supply is achieved.

The cooperation between “Made in China 2025” and German “Industry 4.0” has been long-standing.

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