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Shaoxing mayor talks about manufacturing potential: china-germany cooperation is at an opportune time

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Update time : 2019-11-30 14:17:37

"In the era of internationalization, we should not only focus on domestic cooperation, but also attach importance to cooperation with the world. By integrating world resources, we can boost urban development with a more open attitude." On the eve of the opening ceremony of the china-germany high-end manufacturing summit in 2019, sheng yuechun, deputy secretary and mayor of shaoxing, zhejiang province, met with Hermann Simon, a world-renowned ideological manager and the father of Germany's "hidden champion". The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation between shaoxing and German enterprises and the development of high-end manufacturing. After the meeting, shengyuechun readily accepted China news network reporter exclusive interview.


At present, the global manufacturing industry is facing complex opportunities and challenges. In addition to the "high-level" first-tier cities in China, which are occupying the high-end manufacturing market, there are also a number of "potential" cities that are constantly joining the ranks of "high-end manufacturing".


"Shaoxing is a big manufacturing city, with traditional advantages such as textile, chemical industry and metal processing, as well as emerging industries such as integrated circuits, high-end equipment, new materials and biomedicine." Sheng yuechun said that in 2018, shaoxing has achieved a GDP of 541.7 billion yuan, with the industrial added value increasing by 7.4%. The industrial cluster is developing well, and is committed to building a world-class manufacturing cluster and an important advanced manufacturing base in China.


At the meeting between representatives from shaoxing and Germany, hermann Simon said that unlike some countries, China's resources are not only concentrated in little-known "super cities" such as Beijing and Shanghai, but also in more powerful "potential" cities in the future. "Shaoxing is such a city, and I find it very conducive to the development of the manufacturing industry because of its vibrant enterprises and good business environment."


At present, shaoxing is in the "dividend period" of development. No matter it is the strategic opportunity of the integration of the Yangtze river delta, or the high-tech platform binhai new area of the greater bay area of zhejiang province, all these have laid a broad space for the development of high-end manufacturing in shaoxing. Sheng yuechun said at this point, in the context of the continuous improvement of the platform, the environment, to strengthen international cooperation seems to be at an opportune time.


"The 2019 china-germany high-end manufacturing summit is an important part of the focus on international cooperation." Shengyuechun said that Germany's industry 4.0 is the benchmark of the world industry, while shaoxing's manufacturing industry is also rising, so the cooperation between shaoxing and Germany has a very good foundation and prospect.


Herman Simon also mentioned that Germany and China have great manufacturing potential and similar cultures, which are important cornerstones of bilateral cooperation. "I am very happy to communicate with German companies and do my best to promote exchanges and cooperation between more German companies and shaoxing's government and enterprises, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results."


"One of the most important cornerstones of German manufacturing is still the huge 'hidden champion' enterprises. I hope the second china-germany summit will help us learn from the German 'hidden champion' theory and promote more small and medium-sized enterprises from shaoxing to become 'hidden champions' of shaoxing, zhejiang and even China." At the same time, shengyuechun also looked forward to the way, "the newly established binhai new area is a good carrier, looking forward to the German side of the 'hidden champion' enterprises to see the location and industrial advantages of shaoxing, to join the binhai new area, and shaoxing enterprises complementary win-win.


It is reported that 2019 Chinese and German high-end manufacturing summit hosted by the shaoxing municipal people's government, the China news service bureau, the city people's government of zhejiang province, zhejiang province center for the promotion of international investment and economic and information bureau of shaoxing city, the new fabric, commission of zhejiang province of China democratic construction society, the German association of francois hoff, Germany EASIAGmbH, Germany cultural council for the promotion of technical communication, co-host, zhejiang institute of science and technology of Germany and China general chamber of commerce.

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