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Shenzhen manufacturing goes high-end to achieve high-quality development

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Update time : 2020-01-15 01:20:00

According to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News, it was learned from the city ’s industrial and informatization working conference held yesterday that last year, Shenzhen ’s manufacturing industry achieved high-quality development. About 10%, better than the whole province. Deputy Mayor Wang Lixin attended the meeting.

Jia Xingdong of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau said that last year, Shenzhen promoted the introduction of a work plan for the steady growth of the city and the industrial information system industry, and carried out special services for leading enterprises and research services for key industrial enterprises. The industrial growth rate was in a reasonable range. The industrial growth contribution rate exceeds 70%, and the total output value of the top 100 industrial enterprises accounts for nearly 60% of the city's total industrial output value.

The leap in manufacturing benefited from Shenzhen's favorable business environment. The person in charge of the city's industry and informatization said that the city's leaders went deep into the service of the company and conducted field investigations to solve problems encountered by the company in its development. At the same time, Shenzhen issued an enterprise service system (platform) construction plan to reduce the cost of electricity used by enterprises by 2.907 billion yuan, benefiting 5,566 enterprises; steadily pushing forward the "four hundred billion" measures and establishing a stable fund with a total scale of 100 billion yuan, accumulating The decision provided equity and debt liquidity support for 54 listed companies.

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