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Skills required by qualified machining center operators

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Update time : 2019-07-29 15:42:27
Due to the complexity and precision of CNC machining, a small mistake can lead to complete scrapping of the workpiece, and even damage to the expensive spindle, causing serious damage to the life of the device. Prevention is better than disaster relief. A simple pre-prevention is better than ten remedies. Waiting for a problem and then finding a remedy can restore the equipment and affect the processing efficiency. As a qualified machining center operator, anti-collision is a daily processing trick that must be mastered.

Careful caution is a habit that must be developed. The standard operation steps are necessary to reduce the collision. In addition to the ideological attention, it is also necessary to master the anti-collision method, and avoid the collision phenomenon in the following operations.

When writing a program

Programming is the first step in the operation of the machining center. Programming is difficult to avoid if there is an error in the collision. The arrangement of the procedures, the procedures should be considered thoughtfully, and the parameter settings are guaranteed. Both the coordinate setting and the actual machining coordinate are 0 points. Set a reasonable safe height so that the tool can be fully lifted out of the workpiece. After the program is written, the path of the program should be analyzed and checked item by item; the remarks of the program should be as detailed as possible, especially if the extension length of the tool is not known.

Tool measurement

The tool is the executor of all operations of the CNC machining center. If the tool measurement is wrong, the impact is now inevitable. Therefore, to avoid the tool being too short, the length of the tool is 2-5mm longer than the actual depth. Use scientific methods for the measurement of tools and use precision instruments whenever possible.

Program transfer

If the CNC machining center transmits a wrong signal, it will lead to program confusion. The tool bank signal error output and other signal interference are enough to prevent the robot from opening normally. When the program number is called incorrectly or the program is modified, the old program cannot be used for processing; the detailed data of the program must be checked before processing.

Before processing the blank

A systematic understanding of the processed materials is required. If the billet exceeds expectations, the billet is too large and does not match the program setting, or the workpiece material is too hard, or the defect itself may cause the processing process to be poor and the knife may be generated.

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