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Spain's Purchasing Managers' Index fell to a six-year low

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Update time : 2019-10-16 09:12:46
Spain's Purchasing Managers' Index fell to a six-year low

According to the latest data, the Spanish HIS-MARKIT Integrated Purchasing Manager Index fell to 51.7 in September, down 0.9 from last month. The HIS-MARKIT Manufacturing Manager Index fell to 47.7 in September, down 1.1 from last month. According to market analysis, although the comprehensive purchasing managers' index is still above 50, the two indexes have fallen to a new low in the past six years, reflecting the sharp deterioration of the Spanish manufacturing industry.

It is understood that due to weak domestic and international demand, coupled with the Brexit increase the external market environment uncertainty, Spain's manufacturing production scale and new orders in September fell sharply from last month, especially the number of new export orders fell monthly. It is the fastest since July 2012. According to the latest data from the National Statistics Office of Spain, the economic growth rate in the second quarter was revised to 0.4%, which was 0.1% lower than the growth rate in the first quarter and fell to a three-year low. According to this, the Bank of Spain predicts that the economic growth rate will fall to 2% in 2019, and the economic growth rate in 2020 will slow down to 1.7%.
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