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Take you to the most common small vertical machining center in the workshop

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Update time : 2019-06-26 09:37:00
The machining center is divided into a vertical machining center, a horizontal machining center, and a gantry machining center according to the position of the spindle space. The vertical machining center where the spindle is in the vertical position is the most common, and in our daily processing plants, the X-axis machining stroke is generally less than 1000mm, so most of the models purchased by customers are small vertical Machining Center.

The table of the small vertical machining center is rectangular, and the structure is mostly fixed column type. It usually has three linear motion axes of X, Y and Z. It can also realize four-axis machining by adding an indexing head and a rotary table. . The vertical machining center is easy to assemble and debug, making it easy to observe the entire machining process, but the tool change structure and machining stroke limit the machining of too large workpieces.

The structure of the small machining center is mainly composed of basic components, spindles, tool magazines and numerical control systems. The basic part includes the fuselage, column and workbench of a small machining center. These parts need to have sufficient stiffness to withstand the cutting load generated during machining.

The spindle consists of a spindle housing, a spindle bearing and a spindle motor. The machining operation of the spindle is controlled by the numerical control system and participates in the cutting motion by the tool mounted on the spindle, which is an output component in the cutting process.

The complete tool magazine system consists of tool magazines, robots, drive mechanisms and other components. When a tool change is required, the NC programming command is issued, and the robot can take the tool out of the tool magazine and load it into the spindle hole. The machining center has an automatic tool change system to solve the problem of continuous machining of multiple workpieces after one clamping. Therefore, the processing efficiency is improved.

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