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The main processing objects of the machining center:

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Update time : 2019-09-21 19:06:22
The main processing objects of the machining center:

(1) Box-type parts: Box-type parts generally refer to parts that have more than one hole system, have a cavity inside, and have a certain proportion in the length, width, and height directions.

(2) Complex surfaces: It is difficult or impossible to complete a complex surface using a common machining method.

(3) Shaped parts: Shaped parts are irregularly shaped parts, most of which require point, line and surface multi-station mixing processing, such as forks.

(4) Disc, sleeve, and plate parts: with keyways, or radial holes, or holes with distributed end faces, curved disc sleeves or shaft parts, such as flanged bushings, with keyways or square heads Shaft parts, etc., as well as plate parts with more porous processing, such as various motor covers. Disc parts with distributed holes and curved surfaces on the end face should be choosed from vertical machining centers and optional horizontal machining centers with radial holes.

(5) Parts that are put into production periodically: When processing parts with machining center, the time required mainly includes basic time and preparation time, of which preparation time accounts for a large proportion, such as: process preparation, programming, first part trial cutting, etc. These times are very long, and the processing center can store the contents of these times for later use. This saves time when the part is machined later. The production cycle can be greatly shortened.
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