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The principle of grinding and several main types:

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Update time : 2019-08-24 10:02:40
The principle of grinding:

The process of machining a part with a grinding wheel as a tool on a grinding machine is called grinding. Grinding can be used to machine outer and inner surfaces, flat surfaces and various forming surfaces as well as tool sharpening.

A grinding wheel is a cutting tool that processes a granular or powdered abrasive into a disc or a cylindrical shape using a bonding agent. During the grinding process, the grinding wheel rotates at a speed of 1000-3000 m/min to micro-cut the surface of the parts.

Grinding is similar to the machining of workpieces with multiple cutting edges. One abrasive grain is equivalent to one cutting edge. When it cuts into the surface of the workpiece, it will form cutting chips as the grinding wheel rotates, due to the metal chip cutting under each small cutting edge. Small, so that the processing surface is very smooth. There are numerous abrasive grains on the circumference of the grinding wheel as cutting edges, so the processing accuracy and processing efficiency are high.

Types of grinding:

Surface grinding

Cylindrical grinding

Internal grinding

Next time we will carefully explain the characteristics and differences of each type of processing.
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