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These small workshops in Japan, the technology is amazingly supporting the entire manufacturing industry.

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Update time : 2019-11-17 01:02:56
Japan's manufacturing industry is very developed, but unlike China, Japan does not have a large number of large-scale manufacturing plants. There are many small-scale workshop-style enterprises, with only a hundred employees, and some have only a dozen or even several employees.

Don't underestimate these small workshops, because they hold some of the world's leading technologies, it can be said that they are behind the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Speaking of Japan's manufacturing industry, I have certainly heard of Japan's "never loose nut", which is a core technology of Japan's Shinkansen high-speed rail. This nut is from Japan's famous Hard Lock Industrial Co., Ltd.

This is a small factory with only 45 employees. In 1961, the president, Jolin Kelly, invented the U nut that would not turn. The reason why this nut was transmitted to the gods is because even if the president put his own nut structure on his official website, no one can imitate success.

For this problem, Hard Lock Industries Co., Ltd. has publicly stated that the U nut of their club has not been able to be imitated successfully because the employees of the club have accumulated over the years, relying on unique techniques and techniques, different nuts. The dimensions and materials are different for the corresponding eccentricity.

China, as a high-speed rail country, has not been able to crack this "never loose" nut. Therefore, in order to avoid high-speed rail failure, we can only buy such a nut from Hard Lock Industries.

Because there is only one in the world, including the United States and the developed countries with the world's leading technology, it is also necessary to buy Hadlock Industries Co., Ltd. to buy this nut produced by only 45 employees. It can be said that it dominates the entire market and has a 100% market share.

In addition to Hadlock, there is a more magical "small workshop" in Japan, where only five workers.

This company is Xiaolin Research, a company founded in 1962 to process mirror backplanes for Apple's iPod. As we all know, Apple's requirements for products are very strict, but even if it is very strict, Xiaolin Research can complete it one week ahead of schedule, and reserve a week for rework inspection.

Kobayashi is located in Yanshi, Niigata Prefecture, which has a history of more than 90 years of cooking, cooking utensils and other utensils. The craftsman has a strong atmosphere and has produced such companies and builders who emphasize details. The five craftsmen of Kobayashi Research spent about four years, mirroring the backplane for more than one million "iPods" that are popular with customers around the world.

The smooth and delicate mirrors of the backs of the machines were all ground by the five Japanese craftsmen. Whenever this batch of goods can be delivered perfectly, President Kobayashi (65 years old) will be very happy and gratified. He said: "Like there are women, there are cosmetics, there are places where metal processing is done. There must be a grinding process."
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