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Thread milling method

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Update time : 2019-10-08 11:11:17

Thread machining is one of the most important applications of CNC machining center. The quality and efficiency of thread machining will directly affect the quality of parts and production efficiency of machining center.


1. Thread milling method


Features of thread milling


Thread milling is the use of thread milling tool, machining center three axis linkage, namely X, Y axis arc interpolation, Z axis straight line feed milling way processing thread.


Thread milling is mainly used for the processing of large hole threads and threaded holes of difficult materials. It mainly has the following characteristics:


(1) After the processing speed, high efficiency, high accuracy. Tool material is hard alloy material commonly, go knife speed is fast. The high precision of tool manufacturing, therefore the high precision of thread milling.


(2) The milling tool is widely applicable. As long as the pitch is the same, whether it is left screw thread or right screw thread, can use a tool, to reduce the cost of the tool.


(3) Machining is easy to chip, cooling, relative to the tap cutting situation is good, especially suitable for aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other difficult to machining materials thread processing. Especially suitable for large parts and valuable materials parts and components of the thread processing, to ensure the quality of thread processing and the safety of the workpiece.


(4) Due to no tool front guide, suitable for processing thread bottom hole short blind hole and hole without retracting groove.


2. Classification of thread milling tools


Thread milling cutter can be divided into two types, one is the machine clamping carbide blade milling cutter, the other is the whole carbide milling cutter. The machine clamping tool has a wide range of applications, which can not only process holes with thread depth less than the length of the blade, but also process holes with thread depth greater than the length of the blade. Integral carbide milling cutter is generally used for machining holes with thread depth less than the tool length.


3. CNC programming of thread milling


Thread milling tool programming is different from other tool programming, if the program programming error, easy to cause tool damage or thread processing error. The following points should be noted when compiling:


(1) After the first thread hole processing, small diameter hole with the drill bit processing, the larger hole should be used boring processing, to ensure the accuracy of the thread hole.


(2) The cutter cut out should be used arc trajectory, usually 1/2 ring cut or cut out, at the same time Z axis direction should move 1/2 pitch, in order to ensure the shape of the thread. The tool radius compensation value should be substituted at this point.


(3) X, Y axis arc interpolation a week, the main axis along the Z axis direction should travel a pitch, otherwise, it will cause a thread buckle.

(4) examples of specific application: thread cutter diameter Φ 16, threaded hole for M48 x 1.5, threaded hole depth of 14.


The processing procedure is as follows:


G0, G90, G54, X0, Y0


G0 Z10 M3 S1400 M8


G0 Z - 14.75


G01 G41 x-16 Y0 F2000


G03 X24 Y0 z-14 I20 J0 F500


G03 X24 Y0 Z0 i-24 J0 F400


G03 x-16 Y0 Z0.75 i-20 J0 F500


G0 Z100


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