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What are the main processing methods for the hole system in CNC precision parts machining?

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Update time : 2019-07-16 08:17:55
1. Marking processing: It is the simplest positioning processing method. It is on the surface of the mold part, according to the pattern requirements, draw the center position of each processing hole, and then process the hole according to the line drawn. When this method is used, since the error is easily generated when the center of the hole is found on the scribe line and the machine tool, the processed hole has a low positional accuracy, generally not less than 0.2 mm, and is inefficient, and is only suitable for Hole position accuracy requirements are not high, used in single or small batches.

2. Positioning sleeve positioning processing: The positioning sleeve is shaped like a ferrule, hardened and the outer circle is finely ground. During operation, the center line of each hole is first drawn on the surface of the workpiece, and a threaded hole 3 to 5 mm smaller than the required hole is machined at the center of each hole, and then a positioning sleeve is placed at each hole position, and the center is worn. The upper screw is used to gently fix the positioning sleeve on the workpiece. Then, the measuring device checks the position of each hole according to the outer circle of the positioning sleeve, and checks and adjusts until the matching requirements are met, and then the positioning sleeve is fastened. Next, the workpiece with the positioning sleeve is mounted on the machine tool, and the center position of the machining is corrected by the dial gauge according to the outer circle of the positioning sleeve, and then the positioning sleeve is removed and the hole is machined. After the completion, press this method to process other holes. The positional accuracy of this method can reach 0.02mm, but the efficiency is very low, and it can be used to process the hole system with higher hole position precision.

3. Peer-to-peer processing: The so-called synonym is to fix two or three parts with the same position in the clamp clamp together, and then perform the boring at the same time until all the holes are finished. This kind of machining method does not require a high tolerance on the hole pitch itself, but only requires the hole position of two or three parts to be coaxial. This type of homogenous machining is most suitable, such as the guide post hole and the guide sleeve hole in the mold. machining.

4. Drilling: The so-called drilling is that when drilling a part, the hole position can be processed without the size and tolerance in the drawing, but through the actual hole position drilled on the other part. Come to match. This is a method commonly used in mold making. For example, the screw hole, the pin hole, the round hole, etc. can be processed according to the pattern of the die, and then hardened and used as a standard sample, and then the holes are introduced through the holes. Drill the relevant holes of other fixed plates, stencils and slabs.

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