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Which parts require wire cutting when machining parts? How many coordinate systems does line cutting have?

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Update time : 2019-06-28 09:39:05
According to the processing experience, all the thin holes, narrow slits, thin plates that are easy to cut and deformed, and even the electrodes of the electric spark are more suitable for wire cutting.

In addition, the surface roughness of the parts after processing can reach 1.25~2um, so it is also suitable for the processing of precision parts!

Engaged in CNC turning and milling, sometimes there are no more than four knives on the tool holder, and it is necessary to cut the blade;

When processing eccentric parts, it is necessary to use wire cutting to process gaskets of different thicknesses;

Sometimes when processing thin-walled parts, it is necessary to design a thin-walled sleeve, and it is necessary to design a spring-up sleeve during the design of the fixture, and the like.

These need to be processed by wire cutting!
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