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Fixtures with multiple fine holes

Item No.: CNC-030
We can provide precision metal components for you, all of parts produced according to your CAD and 3D drawings or samples

Quick Details:

Part Number KD-C030
Part Name Fixtures with multiple fine holes
Raw Material Al6061, Al2017, Al7075
Surface Treatment Anodized
Dimension According to customer's request
Tolerance 0.01mm
Packing Information Neutral packing, special packing as per customer's request
Delivery Time 12 days for sample, 20 days for mass production
Processing Machines Milling machines, CNC machining center
Application field Electrical and Electronics

Aluminum alloy fixture has been widely used before the industrial age, including mechanical fixture, woodworking fixture, welding fixture and other fields.


Some types of fixtures are also called "dies" and their main purpose is to reproduce and accurately reproduce the manufacture of the parts.


An obvious example is that when copying a key, it is common to attach the original key to the fixture so that the machine can copy the new key under the guidance of the appearance of the original key.


Many types of fixtures have emerged due to commercial needs, because many types of fixtures are customized, some to increase productivity, repeat specific operations, or make work more precise. Because fixture design is primarily based on logic, similar fixtures can be created at different times and places. The drill fixture is a fixed type that can be used to guide the twist drill or other rig equipment to the exact center of each hole by checkmate, and can be used to accelerate the repeated positioning of the drill fixture for the center hole in multiple interchangeable parts.



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