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High precision parts for mold bases

Item No.: Milling-015
High precision parts for mold bases are applied to various mold.
Kangda has developed into a significant mechanical processing enterprise integrating turning, milling and CNC machining centers.

1. Top clamping plate: also known as fixed side fixing plate, it is used to fix the mother template, locating ring, nozzle, etc. on this plate. After that, the fixed side of the whole die is fixed on the fixed plate of the forming machine.

2. Core plate: it is also called movable side template. The main function of this plate is the main body of movable side. The male die core and guide pin are all on this plate. The runner, gate, return pin hole and injection guide material pin hole are all processed and positioned on this plate. The joint surface of this plate and the parent template is the PL surface of the mold.

3. Spacer plate: on the parallel block between the bearing plate and the lower fixed plate in this plate device, its function is to ensure the ejection distance of the formed part. (foot pad)

4. Ejector plate: also known as ejector pin fixing plate. This plate and the upper ejector plate are fixed together by screws. The whole ejector mechanism is composed of the ejector pin, injection path grabbing pin and return pin by this plate and the upper ejector plate.

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