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The background of the factory is a Japanese Precision manufacturing company. 
The impact of the global epidemic has brought new challenges and opportunities to China's manufacturing industry.
There are some main differences between CNC lathes and ordinary lathes
For a long time to come, artificial intelligence and digitization may bring more employment phenomena that humans currently do not understand, and spread from manufacturing to other industries.
Not only that, it is understood that the current factories in Vietnam are already overwhelmed. It is expected that overseas companies will return to the Chinese market after the Vietnamese market has suffered setbacks.
Last year, Shenzhen ’s manufacturing industry achieved high-quality development. About 10%, better than the whole province.
Easy-to-deform parts, such as thin-walled parts, can use high-speed machining with small feeds and large cutting speeds to reduce the cutting force on the workpiece during processing
After the blank machining allowance is determined, in addition to adding the blank machining allowance to the corresponding machining surface of the part, the effects of process factors such as manufacturing, machining and heat treatment of the blank must
With the development of machinery manufacturing technology, the application of new processes, new technologies and new materials in rough manufacturing has also developed rapidly.
Facts have proved that traditional processing can no longer be applied to all scenarios. The birth of 3D printing is an important complement to traditional manufacturing processes.
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