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How to control the milling effect of high hardness materials in CNC machining?

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Update time : 2019-08-08 13:26:22
Milling high-hardness materials usually uses CBN solid tools, CBN cutters or ceramic tools to machine hardened workpieces, often referred to as hard cutting. The new process of hard cutting can be used to cut hardened steel, grey cast iron, ductile iron, powder metallurgy and special materials. Of course, some materials such as bronze are not suitable for hard cutting. With hard cutting technology, it can also be used for turning, surface machining, tapping, milling, slotting, profile machining, turning cones, etc. For steel materials with a hardness exceeding 56HRC or a strength exceeding Rm>2000N/mm2, we generally refer to it as hard cutting.

The success of hard milling often involves many factors.

Hard milling of steel - 63 Rockwell hardness, 6000 rpm, 100 inches / minute, 0.012 per pass (slope)

The first important factor to consider for hard milling is the structure of your machine. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired hard milling effect, we first need a very strong machine with high damping capacity.

Second, hard milling CNC machines require stiffness from granite processing beds or polymer concrete and cast steel structures.

In general, machines constructed with polymer concrete have the cushioning capacity of many machines made of cast iron. At the same time, it is also important to have a CNC controller that can handle the dynamic requirements of constant and rapid acceleration and deceleration!

Rugged granite processing table makes it a rigid hard milling machine

The last thing to say is the clamping of the spindle and the tool. These are two very different things, but they are closely related in their use.

First you need a rigid rotor! If your spindle is beating, the best tool holder in the world can help you. In other words, combining high-speed spindles with the best tools can produce unexpected results.

The HSK series of shanks are one of the most popular shanks in hard milling because of their increased rigidity and concentricity with the spindle.

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