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Kangda is vital manufacturer for machining custom precision metal components which located at Shenzhen, China.
Industry 4.0 (Industry 4.0, based on the different stages of industrial development.
In the process of machining, if the tool is not used correctly, it will lead to unstable machining or processing, and affect efficiency, but also can not produce good quality, so the selection of tools is very important.
The tool path mode and the feed mode in numerical control milling are introduced.
Machine tools are machines that process metal blanks into machine parts. They are machines that make machines, so they are also called "working machines" or "tool machines". So what are the types of machine tools?
Casting: A process in which a molten metal is poured into a mold and cooled and solidified into a casting having a certain shape.
KMC five-axis milling and grinding composite vertical machining center is a high-end five-axis machining center with complete independent intellectual property rights independently developed and manufactured by Dalian Kede CNC Co.,
The CFRP with light weight, low thermal expansion and excellent vibration absorption can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the CNC machining center by about 20% and improve the machining accuracy. It is expected to be put into practical use in 2019
CFRP is lighter in weight and is 1/4 of iron. CFRP parts can save a lot of energy when they are in operation.
From the cost of selecting metal components, from the process selection equipment.