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Three methods commonly used in thread processing

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Update time : 2019-08-12 23:59:44

Thread milling

Thread milling is the use of thread milling tools for the machining of large hole threads and the machining of threaded holes that are difficult to machine.

The thread milling method is especially suitable for the thread processing of hard-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and copper, which is easy to chip and cool, and can ensure the quality and safety of processing.

CNC machining center tap processing method

Suitable for threaded holes with small diameter or low hole position accuracy requirements. In general, the diameter of the threaded bottom hole drill is close to the upper limit of the diameter tolerance of the thread bottom hole, which can reduce the machining allowance of the tap, reduce the load of the tap, and also improve the service life of the tap.

Picking method

The picking method is applicable to the processing of large threaded holes in box parts, or in the case of no taps and thread milling cutters. A thread turning tool is attached to the boring bar to perform boring. There are several precautions for implementing the picking process:

1. Start the spindle with a delay time to ensure that the spindle reaches the rated speed;

2, the grinding of the hand-milled thread cutter can not be symmetrical, can not use the reverse retracting knife, the spindle should be used to orient the tool to move radially, and then retract the knife;

3, the arbor must be exactly the same as the position of the sipe, otherwise it can not be processed by multiple arbor, resulting in disordered phenomenon;

4, when the buckle is pressed, the pressure can not be picked, even if it is a very thin buckle, otherwise it will cause the tooth, the surface roughness is poor, it should be divided into multiple knives;

5, the buckle processing method is only applicable to single piece, small batch, special pitch thread and no corresponding tool, the processing efficiency is low.

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