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Stainless steel with precision thread

Item No.: CNC-008
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Quick Details:
Part Number KD-C008
Part Name Stainless steel with precision thread
Raw Material SUS304
Surface Treatment Electroplating
Dimension Customized
Tolerance 0.003mm
Packing Information Neutral packing, special packing as per customer's request
Delivery Time 10 days for sample, 25 days for mass production
Processing Machines Milling machines, wire cutting, CNC machining center


What is electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of applying a layer of metal to a conductive body using the principle of electrolysis. Electroplating refers to a surface processing method in which the cationic ions in the plating solution are deposited on the surface of the base metal to form a plating layer in the salt solution containing pre-plated metal as the cathode through electrolysis.

The properties of the coating are different from those of the base metal. According to the function of the coating is divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coating.

In electroplating, the coating metal or other insoluble materials are used as the anode, and the workpiece to be plated is used as the cathode. Can enhance the corrosion resistance of metals (coating metals are mostly corrosion resistant metals), increase hardness, prevent abrasion, improve electrical conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and beautiful surface.


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