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Welding components with milling process

Item No.: Milling-017
Kangda is vital manufacturer for machining custom precision metal components which located at Shenzhen, China.

Welding is the process by which the materials of the welders (same or different) are heated or pressurized or both, and with or without filler materials, so that the materials of the workpiece can form a permanent connection between the atoms.


During welding, the workpiece and the solder melt to form a melting zone, and the pool cools and solidifies to form a connection between the materials. Pressure is often needed in this process. There are many sources of energy for welding, including gas flares, arcs, lasers, electron beams, friction, and ultrasonic waves.


Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the processing and manufacturing of welding components, and has won long-term cooperative customers in the European and American markets with excellent quality and delivery time.


If you have any welding project, please feel free to make an inquiry to us.



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